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Employment Development Department

Meet EDD

In honor of Labor Day, the EDD invites you to meet some of our talented employees. Find out who they are and why they like working for EDD.

Legislative Affairs
Labor Market Information Branch
12 years

"I like to give all I can give. When I can make a customer happy, I am happy. And I learn something new every day."

Debbie frequently receives customer compliments on her excellent service. A recent letter from an attorney in New York City says it well. "I write to commend Debbie. I recently ordered several Labor Market Information reports. Debbie was very helpful, and went out of her way to provide very fast, efficient service. She knew the products well. The level of service she provided made my interaction with EDD one of the best experiences I have ever had with a request to a public agency."

Labor Market Information Division's customer surveys rate the call center services 4.7 to 4.9 on a 5.0-point scale. Debbie, who has been with LMID since February of 1995, is the call center lead person, with a strong customer orientation and excellent knowledge of labor market information resources

Administration Branch
4 years

"I feel fortunate to work for EDD, not only because I truly enjoy what I do and the people I work with, but also because of the proactive impact this Department has on individuals, communities and the State in general."

Gerardo is the lead artist within the Publication Center. A Graphic Designer's primary roll is to design and develop marketing material to promote the Department's programs and events for the various Branches and Divisions within EDD. On occasion other State departments have requested the services of EDD's graphic designers, which Gerardo considers a compliment.

In May of last year, he was surprised and flattered to receive the "Superior Accomplishment Award" and the "Sustained Superior Accomplishment Award." The message on the later award read: "Gerardo's vision and uncanny ability to turn technical customer problems into artistic, thought provoking publications has projected a positive Department image." Gerardo takes pride in the work graphics produces and the way he and his fellow workers operate as a team to accommodate the requests and needs of the entire department. He considers himself a people person and strives to offer excellent customer service along with consistent quality work.

Disability Insurance Branch
22 years

"EDD is such a large organization, it offers abundant opportunities without having to change careers or employers. Personal and professional relationships grow with you throughout your career."

As the EDA (Employment Development Administrator) for the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara Disability Insurance field offices, Elizabeth enjoys working for DI Branch because of its "strong customer service orientation" and she is proud of the excellent service DI staff provide to California workers. "Its more than just meeting our performance expectations- DI staff are committed to the program. We feel like what we do makes a difference in people's lives. The true satisfaction in the job comes from the acknowledgement we receive from customers expressing their appreciation for us being there to help during their time of need."

Information Technology Branch
22 years

"EDD is a large and diverse organization; it is a virtual land of opportunity. You can gain valuable experience at many different Information Technology positions. The people here are what make it really special - my customers are like a second family to me."

As a Systems Software Specialist II in the Data Processing Division, Systems and Databases Section, Tom enjoys working for Information Technology (IT) Branch because it is on the cutting edge of providing technical solutions for the Department's business needs. He is proud of the excellent service that IT staff provide to their customers, both internally and externally. "We go above and beyond to ensure meeting the customer's needs. We want to make sure they are happy with the products and services we provide, and assure our customers we are here to support them. The true satisfaction in the job comes from the acknowledgement we receive from customers expressing their appreciation for our services."

Public Affairs Branch
1 year

"There is a special spot in my heart and life for a little fourth grade student named Flor."

Alani has a unique assignment as a Student Assistant with EDD. Alani's assignment affords her the opportunity to invest in herself and her chosen career while continuing her University courses. She enjoys working with the disadvantaged youth that the School Partnership Program reaches, and the high school and college students through the Youth Employment Opportunity and Student Assistant Programs.

Alani takes her assignment seriously and signed up as a volunteer mentor through the School Partnership Program. Her passion for youth has grown and so has her relationship with one lucky local elementary student named Flor. Alani has mentored Flor during her entire third grade and watched her comprehension skills increase, her vocabulary expand, and a shy student come out of her shell.

A mentor has a tremendous impact on the way their student views life and opportunities, the investment in themselves and their future careers. When Alani volunteered, she understood she would be helping a disadvantaged student but what she didn't realize was the life long friend she would find in Flor.

Program Review Branch
15 years

"In my work and partnership with San Joaquin Migrant Education and the migrant families, I have developed a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and a great challenge."

Helen has been with the Monitor Advocate Office for three years and is committed to the population she serves, Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers. The Monitor Advocate Office (MAO) was able to partner with Migrant Education and donate 20 computers at two Migrant Camp Resource Centers in San Joaquin County. These tools help bridge the digital divide to the families who normally don't have access to computers.

Staff at the centers work with the children (5 years through high school age) and parents in the use of the PC's. As a result, students are now able to do their homework and work on school projects, and parents are able to search for jobs, file their unemployment claims and access other resources.

10 years

"I am very proud to be a member of the EDD family. Working for EDD over the years has given me both the opportunity and privilege to work with a wonderful and diverse group of individuals that are dedicated and committed to providing the best customer service possible."

As a member of the Director's office staff, Thelma sees first hand the importance of the services that the Employment Development Department (EDD) provides to the citizens of California. As one of the principle advisors to the Chief Deputy Director, she is involved in the day to day operational issues related to the Department's programs. In her current assignment, she provides assistance and guidance to staff throughout the Department on a wide variety of policies, operational and logistical issues.

Thelma began her career with EDD as a Word Processing Technician in the Fiscal Programs Division.

Tax Branch
20 years

"My commitment and personal belief is to help employers avoid costly payroll tax mistakes."

Cecilia provides educational assistance to employers by conducting employment tax seminars. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding employer tax requirements and highly skilled at presenting complex information to employers, accountants, and other agencies. She is an excellent and dynamic public speaker that delivers information and assistance to employers to help prevent mistakes on the payroll taxes. Feedback from employers who have attended her seminars indicated that Cecilia is an exceptional speaker on a full range of state payroll tax topics and is "helpful, informative, and hilarious". Cecilia is known in the business community as an eloquent and informative ambassador of EDD.

Cecilia's seminars are recognized by the California Society of CPA as sufficient to grant attendees continuing education credits. Her work has contributed to achieve the Tax Branch's goals of 100% voluntary compliance and has promoted the goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

(pictured with Jeanette on the left, a successful participant of Experience Works)
Job Service Branch
23 years

"I have a passion for helping women re-enter the labor market."

Circumstances in Judy's own life led her to realize her passion to help other women re-enter the workforce. She has received a number of thank you letters and letters of success. One such letter states, "Judy is an advocate for women in the work environment, supportive to me personally and professionally. She guided me through the process of looking for "just the right job", she worked with me to gain confidence and learn more about myself as a person and a worker."

Judy feels fortunate to work for EDD, as it has enabled her to grow both personally and professionally. She has worked in many programs over her 23 years with EDD and finds her most rewarding position working in Job Service Branch. She is able to work with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities.

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